Geografical Location


    Vojkovce is small village, with 467 inhabitants and area of 82,9 hectares. It lies in the east side of district. From Spisska Nova Ves is 29 km away. The neighboring towns are Krompachy (9 km away) and Spisske Vlachy (7 km away). The neighboring villages are Slatvina, Kaľava, Hrišovce and Víťaz. there are 131 houses in the village. 

58,47% of the area of village is covered with trees. The trees are coniferous - pine, fir, spruce, European larch, ... There is vast birch wood on the hill Bugľovec. Deciduous trees are beech, oak, hornbeam, hazel. There are a lot of medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits.

        In the area there are stags, roebucks, hares, squirrels and boars, lynx, grass snake, adder.  Protected and rare species: wolf, falcon, stork, marten, polecat. Birds: cuckoo, owl, woodpecker, hawk, magpie, skylark, crow, swallow and sparrow.