Culture and School system

School system
        There is one kindergarten in the village (children from 3 to 6). The capacity is 25 children. There are 17 children in the present.

     There is also one primary school in the village, the capacity is 35 students.

     Until 1909 children had to go to the primary school to Slatvina. In 1909 new school was built. Before 1919 language of instruction was Hungarian, after 1919 Slovak language.

    In 1972 the school in Vojkovce was cancelled. The reopening was in 1991. In the present there are 4 grades in the school.

    Mgr. Jana Fabryova teaches English language for 5 years.

    After-school activities:
            - theatrical performance,
            - sport activities (soccer, tennis, ...),
            - competitions,
            - annual trip with parents.

Culture life
        There is over 35year tradition of Vojkovce Public Library. Public library was founded in 1956, since 1972 library is located in its own building. 
        1.11.2003  - there are 73 members of the library - 28 children, 9 teenagers, 36 adults. There are 2909 books in the library.

    The Vojkovce Community Center has capacity of 100 people. Here is where take place various performances (Christmas, Easter, ...).

    In the present there is church choir in the village (since 1994). There are 10 members of the choir.