Vojkovce is one of the oldest village. The first known name of Vojkovce is from 1290 - "VILLA VOYK". The following names was "Wykfolua", "Woyk", "Wojkenadorf", "Wojkovce", "Vojkócz", "Vojkfalva". 

First Vojkovce belonged to the Family of Žehra (Szigray), later from 16th century the village was part of Spis Castle domain. In 17th century the Csaki Family (owner of the Spis Castle) put a deposit on Vojkovce (Family of Holló). 

In 18th and 19th century the land was divided between Families of Csaki (2/3 of the land), Gundelginger (1/6 of the land) and Petri (1/6 of the land).

In 1787 there was 33 houses in the village, with 211 inhabitants. 

The inhabitants were mostly farmers and woodcutters.

The local chapel was built in 1711.