Blazon & Seal

The first mention of seal of Vojkovce is from 1826. The diameter of the seal was 25 mm. There is a crucifix on the triple-hill, and two ears of course. On the seal caption is sign " SIGILLUM * POSSESSIONIS * VOJKOTZ ".

From 60's and 70's of the 19th century was in use another seal, with German caption "GEMEIDE VOJKÓCZ", from late 19th century there was hungarian seal  "VOJKÓCZ KOZSEG PECSÉTJE".

The very first seal of Vojkovce was groundwork for official blazon. The crucifix symbolizes Christian traditions of local inhabitants. The triple-hill stands for surrounding hills and trees. The inhabitants were mainly farmers, that is why there are 2 ears.

Seal - year 1826               Seal - year 1900              Seal - year 1920

Present seal

Blazon of Vojkovce